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CEO Greetings

We realize customer satisfaction and contribution to local society
which are based on staff members’ professional ability,
passion, cooperation and optimistic mind-set.

We are total protective management company and
we provide exclusive security service by managing facilities of various types and magnitude.

Our employees’ cumulated know-how on related facilities and corporation are a foundation of enhancement of the variety of service quality and career capability. We aim for providing happiness to our clients by satisfying their needs.

We increase our clients’ property value while providing the comfort-centric environment. Relief of risk and securement of safety based on life respect is our main focus on both domestic and foreign activities. To fulfill our priority, we applied our improved operation management system via procuring related capability and fostering it. We will try our best to fulfill maximization of efficiency through strict management of human resources and their duty.

In addition, based on our philosophy about social contribution, we promise to provide differentiated service by conducting maintenance control on both domestic and foreign prominent properties and by aiming to become a professional corporation which secures and enhances their value.

CEO Youngmoon Kim
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