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Cleaning Management

Put effort into preventing problems via daily concentrated management and
activate support formation for situations such as features of materials or unusual weather.

Main duty
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Daily cleaning of indoor-outdoor area of
public and workspace, and regular special cleaning

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Maintenance of special materials such as carpets
that applied efficient technique and examples of construction

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Secure users’ safety by applying eco-friendly
chemicals and detergents

The Best Cleaning Service

Provide the clients with convenient and satisfying service


Optimized Quality Standards

  • Develop and execute operation manual
  • Manualized standard management
  • Optimal equipment usage to maximize efficacy
  • Implementation of professional management methodologies

Client-centered Service

  • Plan and execute from the client’s perspective
  • Top quality hygiene maintenance training
  • Thinking from the client’s perspective
  • Execution from the client’s perspective

Capability-centered Service

  • Strengthen employee training and motivations
  • Efficient organization and work assignment
  • Fostering performance capabilities for personnel specialization
  • Prompt training and welfare support
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