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Facility Management

Contribute to optimal maintenance, reduction of cost by early detection of
problem and reaction, clean environment, and sustainment of people’s life

Main duty
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Run integrated control centerPurpose of preventing fire, etc

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Comprehensive management of facility operation and maintenanceElectronics, Air Conditioning, Hygiene, Heat Source, Fire Prevention Etc

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Facility repair and safety check reduction of maintenance expense and find ways to increase property value

Conducting preventive management programs with professional manpower

Advancing the facility values and extending its life cycle.


Facility Management

  • Develop annual facility management plan
  • Electrical (Power system, facilities, elevators etc.)
  • Emergency (Fire receivers, security system etc.)
  • Mechanical (Boiler, water supply, ventilations etc.)


  • Preventive inspection and periodic check-up
  • Periodic facility inspection
  • Performance optimization per each facility
  • Systematic energy management

Disaster Preparation

  • Periodic firefighting, earthquake response training
  • Response manual and system implementation for each scenario
  • Implement safe management system per zone sector

Complaint Settlement

  • Facility safety and property protection
  • One-stop service
  • 1+1 service
  • Other requested services
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