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Facility Security

Focus on prevention by applying systematic security of machinery equipment and human resource.
Support protection system which protects facilities’ and people’s safety.

Main duty
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Patrol main and vulnerable areas,
prevent accidents via inspection

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Security appropriateness check on entering car and people, emergency reaction in case of urgent situation

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VIP ceremony support, escort
and keep outside visitor safe

Optimal security implementation to secure our clients and to protect our client’s property

Striving for, ‘zero security accident,’ through standardization, scientification and situational response tactics in operation.


Property Protection

  • Protect the property from internal users and visitors
  • Develop prevention policies through route analysis for management

Comprehensive Prevention-centric Crisis Response

  • Personnel in duty responding to crisis based of expertise and experience
  • Block the source of accident through field-dedicated management

Prompt Complaint Response

  • Complaint response scenario simulations
  • Respond and gathering intel through fluent coordination with other agencies

Focused Patrol Management

  • Assigning nearby employees to provide guidance and conduct field patrol
  • Improve service qualities through periodic inspections and monitoring
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